Bozar’s tremendous expo Facing Van Eyck, with my music, was a thrill!
Thank you Bozar for this wonderful opportunity!

I’m currently diving deeply in Bach’s Cello Suites for IMMERSIVE BACH, on 1st of May 2021 we’ll present a little glimpse of this research.

January 9th 2021, at the Everbeekplaats Sint Maria church in 9660 Everbeek, we’re planning a first concert since lockdown, ‘Troost’, with my own music. 

June 27th 2021, also at Everbeekplaats Sint Maria church, we’ll be playing Tsjaikowsky’s Rococo Variations in my transcription for cello solo and a quartet of cellists as the orchestra, as a hint to Carnaval.

In July ‘21 I’ll perform a French repertoire, together with pianist Anthony Romaniuk, at Quatre Mains in Gent.

I’ll be composing and performing new work during 2 expos by Virginie Schreyen. In August 2021 for her photo-expo ‘Inner’ and in on May 21, 22 and 23 2021 for her expo with new paintings, ‘Traces’, both in the beautiful Korootkapel, 9660 Everbeek.

In July 2021, we will celebrate the 250-years existence of the small but beautiful Van Peteghem organ at the Maria church, with music by Haendel, Bach and Pärt.

Finally, in the same Sint Maria church in 9660 Everbeek, on the 31st of August 2021 I’ll perform Robert Schumann’s cello concerto with Desguin Quartet, in a transcription by Annsi Karttunen.